Good Shepherd Baptist Missions

Who We Are

Good Shepherd Baptist Missions started in 1993 as a ministry of Midway Baptist Church in Proctor, Arkansas where Dayton Barnes is pastor and was founded in memory of 16-year-old Robert Barnes. Robert was the son of Dayton and Carolyn Barnes and he drowned in a swimming accident at a youth camp in 1993 in Colt, Arkansas.

GSBM began and developed in the following manner (For detailed information please go to ):

In 1993, GSBM started with a nationwide networking of services, equipment, machinery, and finances to help a specific category of Christian laborers that includes: pastors, missionaries, evangelists and full-time Christian workers.

The Emergency Roadside Assistance ministry receives telephone calls from any of the above specific category of people and thereby forms a team to get the caller back on the road to fulfill his ministry.

The Temporary Emergency Housing ministry receives calls from the above specific category of people and locates emergency housing in the caller’s behalf.

In 1997, GSBM’s Missionary Training School was begun for the purpose preparing missionaries for deputation and, in some regards, for the field. This school is hosted by First Baptist Church of Spencer, Ohio and held annually the week before Easter. Victory Baptist Church of Lodi, Ohio assists the host church.

In 2002, the first GSBM Pastors Training School was held in Spencer, Ohio.  Numerous schools have been hosted by churches in Ohio, Canada, Georgia, Texas, and Alabama. This year (2014), Pastors Training Schools are scheduled for Alabama, Africa and Canada. Goals for the Onsite PTS’ are the same as the Pastors Track of the Online School for Ministry Leaders.

In 2014, the Online School for Ministry Leaders was begun for the purpose of training ministry leaders on a worldwide basis. The school started with the Pastors Track and GSBM’s leadership plans to add three additional tracks.