Our Purpose

The Online School for Ministry Leaders was initiated for the purpose of training ministry leaders wherever they may be in the world.  Currently (2014) the school has made available only the first of  four phases.  This first phase is for pastors and the eighteen classes offered Online contain the same or very close to the same class material that has been offered Onsite at Good Shepherd Baptist Missions’ Pastors Training Schools since 2002.

Each of the eighteen classes fall under one of the four major topics — Full Holy Spirit Control, Leadership, Organization and World Evangelism — structured within six courses.

Extensive Bible study and personal observations of many local church operations proved that an effective pastor must be:

1) Seeking to give control of his life and ministry to the Holy Spirit;

2) Seeking to develop leadership skills that enhance his ability to lead people to the full stature of Christ;

3) Seeking to reach a level of organization that allows the church body to effectively fulfill her purpose;

4) Seeking to reach the lost, wherever they are in the world, with the message that Jesus still saves sinners.

The Online School for Ministry Leaders provides training to help pastors accomplish the above goals.

Pastors must complete the enrollment process before taking the first class.

Each class will take about two hours to complete the academic portion.   After completing the academic portion of each class, attendees may dedicate as much time as is personally needed in the class connected forum. Forums are designed to complete the learning process by actively exchanging thoughts and ideas on the given class topic with other students and instructors.  After participating in the academic portion and forum for each class in a course, students will be given a key for the next course.

Classes build on each other and should be taken in the prescribed order.

A Certificate of Training will be awarded to students who complete all academic portions of each class and participate in each class forum.

The school is free of charge; however, we will appreciate and gladly accept donations that can be given via PayPal.