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Certificate Program

Participants seeking to maximize their learning experience through the Pastors Track and/or seeking a Certificate of Training MUST begin with the first course –  Church Concept,  and thereafter take each course and class in  the assigned order until all eighteen classes are completed.   The Certificate Program has the following advantages:  (1) A “Certificate of Training” may be earned; (2) University credit will be available through Bethany Divinity College and Seminary; (3) Website Resource materials may be downloaded; (4) Interactive sessions (forums) with other students and instructors will be available (required).

Non-Certificate Program

Participants who desire to take one or more specific classes may enroll in the Non-Certificate Program and may take any number of eighteen classes; however, those participants: (1) Will not receive a “Certificate of Training;” (2) Will not be eligible for university credit; (3) Will not have access to resource materials;  and 4) Will not have access to interactive sessions (forums) with other students and instructors.   Non-Certificate Program Students will receive a grade for the course.

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