D. H EasterD.H. Easter has been General Director of Good Shepherd Baptist Missions since he was requested to lead in the forming and organization of the ministry in 1993. He works with the Administrative Team to establish and direct the ministries of GSBM, oversees all of the ministries, serves as Director and Instructor of both the Missionary Training Schools and the Pastors Training Schools, and responds to the vehicle breakdown calls for Emergency Road Assistance.

The Emergency Road and Housing Assistance should develop into Mexico from the U.S. and Canada. Pastors Training Schools should expand into a second phase and then move into other countries throughout the world as our Lord opens doors. Good Shepherd Baptist Missions will likely have God-given opportunities to expand its educational aspects into higher learning.

D.H. was saved at six years of age and called into the ministry, but did not surrender until he was 30 in 1974. He had graduated from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama, with a B.S. in Business Administration in 1971. Upon surrender to the ministry, he attended Tennessee Temple Seminary from 1975 through 1977 working on a Masters in Divinity. He holds a Master of Ministry (Pastoral Ministry) (1996) and also a PhD in Religion (Bible) (2008) from Bethany Divinity College and Seminary. D.H. worked as an Ironworker while attending college, served in the U.S.A.F. under the Air Force Security Agency as an electronics technician, and after college worked as part of the management team for Deering Milliken Textiles. Before seminary D.H. served as a bus worker and Sunday School teacher at Oakside Baptist Church in LaGrange, Georgia, and then as pastor of Port Serena Baptist Church, a Highland Park Baptist Church chapel in Hixon, Tennessee. After seminary in 1977, he was pastor of churches in Georgia, Indiana and Alabama until 1992. He also served as principal of Oakside Christian Schools in LaGrange, Georgia.

He married Meige in 1965. They have one son, Mack, a career officer with the U.S.A.F. He and his wife, Jennifer, have two children, Drew and Jenna.


ccosnerChris Cosner: One of the most vivid memories of Chris’ childhood was when he was seven years old and came home from school and found his aunt and uncle were there to tell him that his dad had died.  He had been diagnosed with cancer and fought a courageous battle for almost a year until he finally succumbed to the disease.  Chris felt the hurt of losing someone so close.  his mother became both a mom and a dad to him.  He would sit on her lap while she read from the old family Bible, which he still has today.  He and his mom attended a small Methodist church for most of Chris’ childhood, but when he was 12 years old, they began attending an independent nondenominational church.  It was there that one Sunday morning as the pastor was preaching about Hell that the sweet Holy Spirit of God convicted Chris’ heart.  He knew at that moment that he needed to repent and believe by faith that Jesus Christ had died and risen again for him.  So at that old fashioned altar, he knelt and received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and was birthed into the family of God.  What a burden was lifted from him that day!

Chris was not brought up in a traditional fundamental Baptist church.  He was taught that a person had to be born again in order to go to Heaven but was not taught much else in the way of doctrine, so during his late teens and early twenties, he backslid on God.  He went off to college and basically rebelled against God’s will for his life.  He finished college with a degree in forestry and went to work.  He married his beautiful wife, and they were blessed with two wonderful daughters.  Everything in his life seemed to be going well.  The family moved back to his childhood farm and began construction on a new home.  It was then, at the age of 24, that he learned that his mother had cancer.  The doctors gave his family the news that his mother was not going to be around very long.  He visited his mother in the hospital in the final few months of her life and listened to her talk about the Lord.  She said, “I want to see my grandkids in church,” and made Chris promise that he would take them.  A short time later, she entered into Glory.

He and his wife kept the promise to his mother and began attending a small Methodist church.  Finally, the settled in an American Baptist church.  Chris rededicated his life to God, and it was there that God really began to do a work in his life.  He started teaching a youth Sunday school class and began to lead devotions in the church.  God put a desire in his heart to learn more about His Word.  He had believed that if someone was a preacher, whatever they said had to be true.  This is a very dangerous and growing problem in churches today.  He began to read and study the Bible for himself.  He did not understand everything; but the more time he spent in the Word, the more he learned.  It was then that he began to feel the Lord calling him to preach.  He cannot explain how a man knows that he is being called of God to preach other than saying he just knows.  God began to open doors for him to preach.  Not long after this, a small Southern Baptist church near where he lived asked if he would come and be their pastor, and he was there for almost two years.

God began dealing with him about some of the things that were happening in the SBC — things he did not agree with nor want to be a part of.  It was then that the door opened for him to become pastor of an independent, fundamental, Bible believing Baptist church.  Unlike many that were raised in a good fundamental Bible believing church, Chris was not.  He went the long way to get to where God has brought him to today.  He knows as well as anyone the need for people to know and hear the truth.  He knows what it is like to not have a solid background to stand on — not to grow up in church and not to know anything the Bible teaches.  He also knows that if someone will be obedient and have a sincere desire to learn, God will teach him.  His desire and prayer is to do all he can to help others grow in God’s magnificent grace.

Chris has been blessed to attend two PTS’s, and this has greatly influenced his personal life and ministry as a pastor.  He is currently taking online classes for a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry through Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, and he looks forward to serving God in whatever capacity He chooses.


Roger HainRoger Hain is Pastor Emeritus at Black Creek Baptist Church in Black Creek, New York.  BCBC is a Christ-centered independent Baptist church in southwestern New York; John Asquith is the pastor. God has used the ministry of Pastor Asquith and Black Creek Baptist Church to bring His grace into the lives of those chained by various addictions, John 8:32. Black Creek Baptist Church uses only the King James Bible and has a music program using traditional hymns and gospel songs. The teaching ministry is exceptional through the instruction of Pastor Asquith.

In addition to serving as pastor emeritus he serves with Good Shepherd Baptist Missions as Director of Emergency Housing, Instructor at the Missionary Training Schools and Pastor Training Schools and as a member of the Administrative Team.  Brother Hain preaches as a pulpit supply and for special services of churches needing those ministries.

He was born and grew up in Pennsylvania. He graduated from the Evangelical Congregational School of Theology in Myerstown, Pennsylvania with a diploma in theology. Before retiring in 2013 he served as a pastor for 47 years with churches located in Reading, Harrisburg, Bell Run and Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania. In 1971 he left new evangelicalism and became a Bible-based fundamentalist. In 1974 he was the founding pastor of the Grace Bible Independent Baptist Church of Shinglehouse where he served for 39 and a half years until he resigned upon his retirement as a full time pastor.

He is married to Patricia, his wife since 1961. They have four children and seven grandchildren and four great-grand children.


mmMatthew Morrison is the pastor of the Riverview Baptist Church located in Southside, Alabama.  RBC is a church with a compassionate burden for the people of their immediate location, their country and the world.  The church family is friendly and the atmosphere warm and exciting.  RBC’s message and song is traditional with an emphasis placed upon the Word of God.  Some of the ministries offered are:  a local and global missions program, the Soul Winner’s Club, a Saints Alive ministry for seniors, a Ladies Fellowship and ministry serving the church family as well as the elderly in a local nursing home, a children’s church and choir along with Master Club, an active outreach and visitation program and Riverview Home School Covering.  RBC is excited and humbled to have the opportunity to become a part of the GSBM team.

Matthew is a native of West Virginia and was born again at the age of eight.  Following high school he served four years within the United States Marine Corps.  Prior to ministry he served seven years as an employee within the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He answered the call to preach in 1998 and was ordained in 2003 by the Liberty Baptist Church located in Buckhannon, West Virginia; where he also served as an associate pastor for two years.  Matthew served as the pastor of the New Testament Baptist Church located in Big Springs, West Virginia for a period of seven years before coming to pastor at RBC in the summer of 2011.  A graduate of Mountaineer Baptist College, he holds a Bachelor and Master degree of Religious Education and an earned Doctorate of Ministry.  GSBM has tremendously impacted he and his ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.

On May 20, 1994 Matthew married Joy, his high school sweetheart.  They have been blessed with three children; Devin, Hannah and Caleb.


Joe WilliamsJoe Williams is the pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Lodi, Ohio. He was born in West Virginia. When he was still an infant his parents moved to Cleveland Ohio. The Lord planted the family in an apartment above some Christian people who were good witnesses for Christ. Both his parents were saved when he was four years old, and a few years later Joe’s father was called to pastor Cleveland Baptist Temple where he pastored for 17 years until he retired due to his health. Joe was born again at the age of 9 years. He worked for Nestle Company in Cleveland for 19 years.

God moved the Williams family from Cleveland to Lodi in 1996. Victory Baptist Church was just beginning at a High School near their house. Over several years the Lord led him to direct music, be a deacon, teach Sunday school, begin a senior saints group, and have a local jail ministry. Sometime around 2000 the Lord changed his heart towards being a pastor. In September 2003, Brother Williams was called to pastor Victory Baptist Church. He serves as a substitute instructor for GSBM’s Pastors Training School.

Brother Williams’ pastoral training consists of local church Bible institutes, PTS and “on the job training.” His prayer is that God will make him the pastor He wants Him to be. His ministry vision is to reach Lodi for Christ. He is looking to the day when the church members become natural witnesses for Christ. The Lord is leading the church to help missionaries that need a place to stay while in the area, and during their stay the church wants to be a blessing to them how ever possible. The Lord has also dealt with him about training Victory Baptist Church members to fulfill the ministries God calls them to. He has a long-range vision of a youth camp not only for the church kids, but also for the unsaved kids – a camp that is very affordable so many more can attend.

Joe married Lisa in 1985. They have two wonderful children who faithfully serve at Victory Baptist Church with their parents.


Steve WilliamsSteve Williams currently serves as the General Director of Harvest Baptist Missions, as well as an Assistant Pastor of Columbia Road Baptist Church (CRBC) in North Olmsted. Prior to his call to the ministry, Pastor Williams was employed by SBC/Ameritech Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio for 13 years. During that time, the Lord was preparing him for future service by giving him a broad range of managerial responsibilities in areas such as HR, customer service, sales, and project management.

Raised in Westerville, Ohio, Pastor Williams graduated from Capital University in Columbus with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. Following graduation, he moved to the Cleveland area and began his career with the phone company. He attended grad school at Cleveland State University where he studied labor relations and human resources. He has also earned his Masters in Ministry from Bethany Divinity Seminary in Dothan, Alabama and his Doctorate of Ministry (DMin) from Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, Georgia. Pastor Williams is currently working toward achieving certification in biblical counseling through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formerly NANC).

Pastor Williams resides in North Ridgeville with his wife Kris, and two of their three children. Their oldest son is married and currently serving with the United States Air Force.