Web Site Tips

Adjusting Zoom Level

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari all support keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out on a page.  These shortcuts are:

  • For Windows computers – Ctrl plus + to zoom in and Ctrl plus – to zoom out
  • For Macintosh computers – Command plus + to zoom in and Command plus – to zoom out

You may also reach the zoom controls through the menus in each browser.

Internet Explorer

Click Settings (the Gear Icon) in the upper right corner of your browser or press Alt plus X to open the settings menu. Click Zoom, then Zoom in or out as necessary.


Click the Open Menu icon in the upper right corner of your browser, then click the + or – buttons as necessary.

In BOTH Internet Explorer and Firefox you may also click File, then View, then Zoom to zoom in or zoom out.

Google Chrome

Click the Customize button in the upper right corner of your browser, then click the + or – buttons as necessary


Click the Gear Icon in the upper right corner of your browser, then click Customize Toolbar.  Left click and hold on the Zoom Controls and drag them to the desired location on the Safari menu bar.  Now you can zoom simply by clicking the zoom in or zoom out buttons.

If you use another browser not listed here and need assistance, please use our contact form to let us know which browser you are using.

Submitting Test Answers

While proceeding through each class video, it is necessary to click the SUBMIT button to record your answer before clicking NEXT.

Slow or Intermittent Internet Access

Each class in the certificate program has an Additional Resources folder which contains PDF and audio files of all course materials which may be downloaded to help with off-line study. It is still necessary to complete each test online, but these materials may be of help in reducing the amount of time spent online. Some may find it helpful to have a printed reference available while proceeding through each class video.

Tracking Progress

Each class in the certificate program has two required components: 1) Completion of the class video, and 2) Participation in the class discussion. As you complete each requirement, a box to the right side will be checked off giving you an indication of your progress through the course. Downloading materials from the additional resources folder is optional, and so no check mark will appear next to the additional resources folders.